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Producer and mixer with "God like ears" - (Anthony Fantano). Phillip has worked with today's most innovative rock artist such as Military Gun and Glare, while also working with legendary acts the likes of Say Anything and The Bouncing Souls.

After operating a studio in Austin for over six years, and engineering in Philly for grammy nominated producer Will Yip, Phillip now works out of Austin, Tx and His private Studio in Los Angles, Ca. There Phillip has been co-writing, producing, and mixing for both indie and major label artist of all genres; including rap, folk, rock, metal, and pop.

No matter the genre or what role he is in, Phillip's main goal and strength lies in the ability to bring the best song out of an artist. "I'm a music fan first and for most. I just want to keep finding the most creative people to work with and help get their art across the finish line so we all have more music to enjoy."

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